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Shiiba Village Japan

Shiiba Village


Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Shiiba-son is a rural mountain village located in the middle of Kyushu. It is very unlike Tokyo and other popular Japanese cities. At times, Shiiba is like a different country. Locals sometimes joke about the need for a passport to enter. Shiiba, like the rest of inaka (rural Japan) is where Japanese culture has its roots and where even today, draws its strength from. Ironically, the key to understanding contemporary Japanese culture lies out in inaka, not in places like Tokyo or Osaka.

Process, Productivity and Understanding

At KASSEBUM CONSULTING our goal is to improve your productivity. In some cases this means assisting with the reengineering of a product development group and in other cases it means providing cross-cultural liaison services to management.


KASSEBAUM CONSULTING makes extensive use of Applied Anthropological techniques that have proven effective in corporate settings around the globe. These techniques are used to augment more conventional product, project and account management practices.If you or your business are in need of our unique services, please contact us.


Erik Kassebaum